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Master Fri konst

Åke Sjöberg

Ten fanzine-like booklets and a podcast, aboutarchetypes of masculinity

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

Sjöberg’s MFA project consists out of ten booklets of collaged image and text material, that looks like old fanzines from the 1980s. Also inspired by an 80s children’s book format they come with a cassette tape, where the zine is read. The booklets contain collage, cut out texts, and images, similar to punk-, situationists-, andDadaist aesthetics. They are made through a process of collecting, transcribing, and ‘translation’ of material from different sources and media. Such as academic books and articles, online forums, screenshots with subtitles from ‘masculine’ reality television, and old cowboy comic books. This material is copied or printed and processed by physically being cut up and reassembled with scotch-tape.

These booklets are then read and discussed in a podcast, click the cassette-icon on Sjöberg’s webpage and listen. Here and in the booklets, he’s investigating how archetypes of masculinity are being reused in contemporary reality television and the creation of these archetypes throughout history. This is important because it might help us to understand why and how some masculinities become toxic. Both for young boys who are about to develop into men and for unemployed rural working-class men this is especially important because they are at risk at developing toxic masculinities, that might end up killing them or the people they love.


E.P.E.Poddcast – 10 Fanzine-booklets about masculinity