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Master Möbeldesign

Alice Kettle

When I Am Among the Trees

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

When I Am Among the Trees, is an exploration into the separation between human and non-human centred perspectives. I have created a woven space from willow that invites interaction, fascination and healing, as a way of helping to reorientate our perspective to one of co-existence and collaboration. My project aims to blur the boundaries between a human and a non-human perception as a way of disrupting humancenteredness. Non-human beings are currently overlooked in the narrative around care, but what if they became inseparably intertwined? To care for something is more binding than just being concerned about it and requires active involvement. What if humans caring for non-human things became just as important as humans caring for other humans? Could the simplicity of inviting adults to take time to be more childlike, playful and curious, be a way of helping invoke new ways of thinking? Maybe this interaction and experience will encourage a shift of perspective towards care, co-existence and collaboration.