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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Anna Roth





Text om projektet finns enbart på engelska

Fundamentally this is a project about material, how we view them, the issues faced in terms of material production and how material changes when added into the context of form. 

Our extraction, use and discarding of material is probably the biggest threat we have to the environment and in consequence our society. Specifically, the production and disposal of plastics. It felt important for me when choosing my exam work that it not only had an anchoring in our society but also for me personally. I have always spent my summers on the west coast so issues involving marine plastics is something that feels personal to me. 

A big part of this project was therefore focused around my exploration into using marine plastic as a potential material. I also chose to work with solid wood and MDF.   

Using these materials, I then created 4 objects where the materials are centred differently to analyse how the material changes form. This gave me the opportunity to deeper understand the connection between material and form as well as giving me more in dept material knowledge about a material I have not worked with before. 

Anna Roth_different versions of my objects (PDF)