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Master Textil-Kropp-Rum

Emilia Elfvik

The end as a means to make (a tool)

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

This project is a series of tools, and a series of needle lace thread sculptures, created with these tools. Highlighting the utensil as both process and result, examines how a conclusion can include the act of fabrication. The tools are peripheral materials that have been brought to the forefront, offering a perspective that sometimes the meaning of art is found in the experience of manufacture, materials and processes.

In this work the tool and sculpture are each other’s reason for being. Without the sculpture, the tool loses its functional aspect, and without the tool the sculpture loses its support. At a point in time, they are one, bearing the same shape but in different materiality. Through the act of undressing they part ways. The sculpture becomes its own being and body, bearing traces of time and repeated actions by a maker, and the traces of the lost support of the tool still standing.

Instagram: @eelfvik