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Master Keramikkonst

Emmeli Rolleberg

Ritual Play

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

Ritual Play is about exploring existing rituals for death, burial and the afterlife, and in this search I found anchors in time and beliefs that resonate with my own artistic practice. It is about reflecting on the human idea of the soul, and my own wish for a spiritual realm. Around the globe religions and rituals have evolved independently of each other yet there are commonalities. Death is universal, and so seems the need for rituals be as well. And ritual objects are our material bridge to come closer to the spiritual realm. During this project I have created my own ritual objects in a ritual play. Three objects for the past, present and the future, for the mind, body and soul. The urn, the stone and the portal. I am calling them Keeper, Key and Contact. The vessel is the keeper, its mother and carer. Stones are keys to memories and lost connections, to the ones that are gone but not forgotten, and a portal for contact, or perhaps just a glimpse. These objects speak of both grief and joy, eventually everything dies to leave space for new life.

ArtistStatement_Rolleberg_2020 (pdf)