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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Alva Noreen

where you end I begin 

My work is about furnishing and refurnishing with my various materials and objects. A method to arrange and reuse that has come to be my working method, which I have chosen to call the Dollhouse method. A process where one takes on where the other ends.  

I weave together fragments of text, materials and objects in own rooms that I create in my artworks — rooms consisting of black holes and dusty mirrors. And based on an artistic exploration I use the installation, the picture and later also the book as a format to find different rooms or frameworks to place my work in.  

Quiet Things, shy and a little embarrassed. Drawn in black tulle, a forgotten museum 

furnished with these quiet things. The air is thin and the scent lightly perfumed in a palace woven with dry and frangible threads. Here, dust and small black insects gather in a crystallized hall with checkered flooring and dirty socks.  

Here they stand, the things, still and stiff. Mumbles quietly (barely audible)
 to themselves and to each other, “where you end I begin.”