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MFA Fine Art

Beate Persdotter Løken

Can I, through performance and criminological reconstruction, understand the importance I put into my own ability to remember?

I investigate my remembering, misremembering and the gaps in my memories by reconstructing and re-enacting my traumatic viewing of the British, short horror film ​Out of Town​ (1988) at the age of 11. By reconstructing – based on my memory – a film I saw as a child, and the environment surrounding the viewing, I hope to explore and understand different aspects of my memory. Aspects like accuracy after a long time passed, if the memory gets compromised by retelling, time damage, trauma, etc.

In Göteborgs Konsthall the result of the investigations was planned to be exhibited as an installation interpreting the setting of the original location of watching the film, drawing upon crime scene investigations, forensic psychology and memory studies.

When the Covid-related cancellation of the exhibition happened I was half way through building my installation for Göteborgs Konsthall in the workshops at HDK-Valand. I decided to make a ghost of the installation that was not realised yet. I made a model in scale 1:6,66, and filmed inside it, then projected it into an empty room. This adaption of the project answers both to the situation in the world where isolation and computer screen interaction makes us feel like ghosts, as well as ghosts could be seen as a memory that rings across times and therefore connects to my inquiry.

In the end I would say that my project might have benefited from the situation of Covid-19.