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BFA Design

Cajsa Berndtsdotter Ahlén

The Corridor

A passage or a room where you can work and pause?

An investigation of interior designs impact on human behavior.

The corridor is a room that is often unused. We tend to be loud because it is the first room we enter after a lesson where we have been focused. We mainly use the room as a passage. Our digitalized society makes us more flexible in where we can be located when we are working. Therefore, the corridor is a room that could be used to a greater extent if better conditions were given. The project is mainly focused on college environments where students rarely have their own classrooms and are in need of using common areas for breaks and schoolwork. The project is located in a corridor in one of ”Chalmers” buildings and the result is based on investigations about how different spatial elements (flows, color, shape, light and sound) affect human behavior. It is about the challenge of creating conditions for different activities in the corridor, as well as creating consideration for each other by using different spatial factors.

The project is based on the following questions:

How can the spatial environment of a corridor help to change human behavior and achieve an environment that allows you to work and take a break?

How can interior design enhance the function of the corridor?