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Ceramic Art


As a specialisation within Craft at HDK-Valand, Ceramic Art involves the examination of clay material and the concepts of Ceramics. Through various techniques, expressions and contexts, the students develop their familiarity with the material in parallel with their own artistic language. 

The spring of 2020 has presented a huge challenge for material-based work. Our graduating students have taken on many tasks besides those that a degree project entails. With a great measure of independence and responsibility, they have demonstrated the power and importance of determination in relation to artistic work. 

Ceramics is an art field with many variations and forms of expression. This year’s degree projects are based on a number of different inquiries, artistic as well as societal. We are proud that our graduating students reflect the diversity of the subject area and that their new expressions and methods shape the development of ceramic art! 

David Carlsson, lecture in Craft, Ceramics 

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It is with a great pleasure HDK-Valand, the masters programme in Craft, present the final MFA Degree projects for Jewellery, Textile and Ceramic Art – 2020. 

The Masters education at HDK-Valand, Department of Craft, is international and multidisciplinary welcoming students from all over the world with BA backgrounds in craft, fine art, design, and other related art educations. Thereby craft is questioned, challenged, and critically contextualized from many different perspectives giving it a voice and impact on our everyday present and future lives.  

Craft is an artform closely related to the materials and the processes of making. The students at HDK-Valand, Department of Craft, intimately and iteratively synthesize ideas and theories with the physical shaping and forming of materials in their studios and specialized workshops. 

This year with a worldwide pandemic, this has not been possible. With a lockdown of the university the students were interrupted in the middle of their projects. The teaching and planning changed drastically, as well as the form and content of their final degree projects. Despite being distanced from the studios and workshops, the MFA students at HDKValand, Department of Craft managed to adapt and complete their projects, including the presentation of their work for examination within a new digital framework. 

The students achieved the educational requirements of the Masters programme in Craft, Jewellery-, Textile- and Ceramic art, producing high quality artworks and demonstrating that they are ready to cope with the many challenges they will meet as Craft practitioners outside the art school. 

Congratulations to all. 

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Angela Melito

MFA Ceramic Art

David Bramham

MFA Ceramic Art

Victor Jakobsson

BFA Ceramic Art

Naemi Gustavsson

BFA Ceramic Art

Emmeli Rolleberg

MFA Ceramic Art

Danielle Goulé

MFA Ceramic Art

Jo Öqvist

BFA Ceramic Art

Antonia Haglund

BFA Ceramic Art

Magdalena Svensson

MFA Ceramic Art