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BFA Design

Felicia Iversen

Omslag insida

Omslag utsida

Exempel på uppslag i dragspelsformat

Exempel på uppslag i dragspelsformat

Exempel på uppslag i dragspelsformat

Var dag en 

Var dag en, which roughly translates to “Every day one” is a word-play with the Swedish word “vardagen”. The title refers to the loneliness one can experience in everyday life. Which is also the core of the project, to express that feeling in a poetic and honest way through illustrated stories for adults. 

The project consists of three books which pictures three different characters and their experiences relating to varied themes of loneliness. The books are made in a concertina-format to show two sides of each characters every-day. One side is more objective while the other is more subjective. Like seeing someone from the outside or being invited in through the door to partake in that persons thoughts. 

Together the books establish the beginning of a concept which points to a bigger picture about societal loneliness. 

The concertina-format creates a feeling of endlessness because there is no obvious beginning or end to the stories. Like a metaphor to the negative feelings that tend to spiral in an infinite loop. 

The goal with this project is to evoke emotions that could lead to reflection and understanding towards oneself and/or others. And a sense of belonging in that no one really is alone in feeling lonely. 

Read the finished results here