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MFA Textile-Body-Space

Helena Pernow

Noticing the otherwise unnoticed 

What strikes me during a crisis like this, is the change of pace – and how that affect my perception of the familiar. From my kitchen table, where I sit writing this, I start to become aware of details I have not noticed before. The chair I am sitting on makes a squeaking noise because a gluing has come loose. The wallpaper in front of me is slightly loosened at the edges of each joint, probably caused by the high humidity in my apartment. The change of pace makes me see details I could have missed otherwise.

Noticing the otherwise unnoticed, aim to pay careful attention to the infra-ordinaryborrow the term from George Perec’s essay ‘Approach non what?’ (1974). He uses it to describe the things in one’s immediate surroundings, so common and familiar that that become unnoticeable. With this project I wish to enhance, magnify and rearrange materials from my immediate surrounding to uncover relations between me and material and spaceStarting with picking up a terry cloth towel, the first chapter of the project is zooming in on the looped surface of cotton yarn. The second part consists of arranging a space with the same approach; tuning-up the attentiveness of the insignificant and unnoticed.