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BFA Design

Herman Ocklund

Ljuset påverkan: Det spektakulära ljuset 

A beautiful, open, and safe city makes us proud and supports for meeting each other. Light and art together can help the city’s attractiveness, sense of security, affinity, and participation. Light can unite people and places. 

The feeling of Insecurity often comes from loneliness and vulnerability, without any help or rescue. By increasing attractions of an area, more people will circulate and create a security factor of community. 

My project Ljusets påverkan is about how you can increase the interest of public spaces interestingly and playfully by mediating light. I created a flower that blooms during the dark hours of the day in the form of a silhouette. By being placed where people sense there’s less security, to create curiosity and movement around the work which will generate social interaction and security. 

Plexiglas is a material which has a strong resistance to UV light and the weather influence and acts as a light conductor that leads the light out to the edges which creating the flower silhouettes. 

Instagram: herman.ocklund