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BFA Design

Irma Schlaucher Stahl

Border in motion 

How can a temporary room mediate the examining of the interface between the interior and the exterior?

The project explores the interface between space and landscape and how this interface is perceived.  The study consists of various scenarios created in a built framework. Each scenario is based on the framework, which by definition become variable when external factors such as wind, sound and light affect the materials in the work. The work is built adjacent to Vättern and what characterizes this lake, is that it can go from completely still to extreme motion with sea-high waves, very quickly. The changes that occur in the weather thus affect the scenarios, both in terms of expression and in experience.

The scenarios differences draw attention to the changes that take place in the room, both interior and exterior. The experiences that the scenarios invite to can differ, depending on who is watching and what people notice. 

Border in motion illustrates how it is possible to work with methods in a design project to investigate issues based on experiences rather than the functional. How can we make use of exploratory methods, to draw in-depth sensory understandings?

The films show how a scenario can be seen, depending on whether the viewer is inside or outside the work.