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BFA Photography

Jenny Johansson

Hybriddans på Technosten
Fractal Bird + Lilla Björnen = SANT

Inscriptions on XPS insulation boards (inscriptions made by hand with a barbecue stick, blue Bic-pen and toothpicks), wooden construction with 3D printed feet, 360 x 240 x 120 cm and 60 x 120 x 5 cm

Thank you to JACKON, Ursula K. Le Guin and Joshua Gura

Jenny Johansson works interdisciplinarily with collage in relation to material hierarchies and alternative history.

In Hybrid Dance on Technostone and Fractal Bird + Ursa Minor = TRUE the artist refers to the expression “nothing is set in stone”. The traces of the hand-made inscriptions in the insulation boards consist of manipulated material and the process has been characterized by thoughts about time and work, myth and reality. Johansson expresses that the her practice is “an interaction between impulse and control in a landscape where ambiguity is my best friend”.