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BFA Design

Julia Tienvieri


We dress ourselves in brands. It’s products like clothes and tech items that’s normally displayed on our bodies, and they can often become statements. Even the choices we make in the grocery store reflects our identity, and can become values to show off or hide.  

In the design surrounding a fictive brand, some of the tools of marketing are used and highlighted. The visual material adresses dedicated consumers and encourages them to become ambassadors. The brand strives to create a bond, and to increase a desire for the product. 

 Through influencers and celebrities brands can become even more popular, and with help from loyal ambassadors even everyday goods can turn desirable and trendy. Its about branding. Something simple can get status, anything can be sold. In this project, the products are close to the body. It convinces the consumers that the need of constant access to the product is important, but it also communicates that the consumer live through the brand. In that way both the product and the world surrounding it can be promoted. 

 By placing air and dairy products on the same market, the design project illustrates how we talk about products. Does air in this piece become a consumer good and can dairy appear as a vital necessity? The balance between icky and real is the driver. The connection between identity and consumption is investigated, and how brands can use it as a tool. The visualization points out that anything can be sold, and a movement has already began.