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BFA Design

Lea Wilhelm

Den stora känslan av att känna sig liten 

The project Den stora känslan av att känna sig liten (The big feeling of feeling small) is about creating an experience and communication and mediation of the theme feeling small.  

One of the central questions in the project was: “Which kind of design is needed to evoke emotions in people and how can design encourage self-reflection?” 

The answer became an exhibition concept and a design of modules and scenographic solutions for the exhibition DU ÄR SÅ LITEN SOM DU KÄNNER DIG (You are as small as you feel). 

Texts, optical illusions, wall installations, shadow play, mirror reflections and interactive stations were intended to evoke emotions in the visitor and encourage self-reflection and discussion. 

The final result of the project is a digital booklet. The booklet’s content are graphic visualizations of the parts of the exhibition, descriptions, the construction plan, the project’s conditions and marketing. 

 The aim of the project was to create an experience which helps people to reflect upon their behaviour, how they interact with others, and how they experience relationships and power structures. Furthermore, it sought to confront the visitors with their own self-esteem and self-confidence  who makes you feel small? Is it you or an external factor/event/person?