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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Linnea Dalstrand


STUDY IN THE GATE is an ongoing spatial image building where the multitude of textile is the overall medium. A frontal composition that invites – in the picture, where I with barely processed materials explore the gate as a form, its duality and opposites. It is an ongoing study of textile and support devices with the gate represented through them.  

When I use the word gate, I refer to portico, entrances, curtains, doors. I move in spaces like the palace, the stage, the home, the hut, the hiding place. My project is based on my own process, study and understanding of the gate – about representations and abstractions. My idea of the gate is based on the form of an entrance, framing, direction and started in the large draped textile. My fascination about it has become the gate. The draped entrance – the curtain on the stage, the curtain at home, the cabin, the tent.  

THE GATE is an ongoing discussion between me and an architectural, scenographic gate or the gate inside the home.