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BFA Design

Linnéa Holmberg

TA PÅ MIG – a visualization of the longing for physical touch in a time of social distancing. 

My project TA PÅ MIG is about physical touch. I have created a mobile sculpture with the hope of inspiring conversations about what physical touch is and can be. To evoke thoughts on the subject and to make the viewer reflect on their own relationship with touch. About the type of touch you appreciate, or do not appreciate. How it can feel when you lack physical contact and how you are affected by the lack of touch. 

You as a viewer may experience the mobile with someone else, and this creates an opportunity to talk about how exactly you feel about touch. But it can also be that you see a picture of the mobile and it raises a thought that you then share with someone else, thus creating a conversation about what exactly touching means to you. 

The lack of touch is not a new topic in today’s increasingly individualized society, but an issue that has become increasingly important during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. More and more people are experiencing isolation and the subsequent lack of physical contact and touch that it brings. I see this as something we can take away from this situation. Learn from the now general experience of distancing, loneliness and the impact of lack of physical touch. 

Start talking about how important it can be to exchange a few words with the clerk in your local grocery store, to help the elderly lady get on the bus, or something as simple as having lunch with the coworkers. All these everyday physical interactions with other people. How will we handle touch after covid-19, and how do we want the future type of physical touch to be.