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BFA Design

Lotta-Li Alftberg

Welcome to Eternity 

Welcome to Eternity is a digital game concept set in a dystopian future. 

The game takes place in a deserted building called Eternity, which is best described as a mixture of a big scale PR campaign and a small autonomous city. The player journeys through the building playing as a rat named Mae in search of her lost possessions. During the game the player unravels 

the story about Eternal inc. (the company that owns the building), and about where the people who used to live there have gone.Through pastel coloured illustrations and conceptual work I aim to tell of a world where the big corporations rule. How would a society function when a single company has a total monopoly on the market? What does it mean to be human in a world where you’re primarily a consumer? My concept consists of about 30 digital illustrations and additional text. It’s compiled in a web based prototype made in Adobe Xd. The Illustrations function as concept art focused on environments and characters in the game. I wanted to create a dystopian setting different from the classic postapocalyptic world through my color scheme and empty environments. I’ve also been working with game mechanics to design a game concept that would be possible to develop as a playable game. The whole project can be accessed through the provided link.

Instagram: @dubbel_ell