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BFA Jewellery Art

Lotta Snijder

Imaginary Inside

Imaginary Inside is an investigation of the beauty that is hidden inside the human body. With inspiration from the connection between humans and artificial organs I have created a collection of contemporary jewellery.

The inside of the body is something you never see but when you do it often provokes a feeling of discomfort. Through my artistic practice I would like to demonstrate another image of the almost secret world inside, the beauty in the shapes of our organs.

I have been inspired by artificial organs that are being made and which in the future will be able to entirely replace organs in the human body. When I look at artificial organs I do not get the same feeling of discomfort and this makes it easier to see the shapes and patterns.

I let the organic meet the artificial expression in my pieces of jewellery by working with the silversmithing techniques chasing and repousse. I want to give a new life to this almost forgotten technique and use it in a contemporary way. I have changed the traditional material of silver to aluminium as it has a lower material value and in doing so, challenge the traditional view of metal.

Using the colouring technique of anodizing, I have changed the properties of the aluminium so that this normally soft metal has become hard and resistant. Simultaneously, the jewellery get strong and bright colours.