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BFA Design

Louise Johansson

The analogue book – Features to be considered

This work takes off in a number of issues surrounding the status of the analogue book today. The printed book has something that the digital does not have – it is taken in with several senses. The reading experience is enhanced by the book’s cover, scent, tactile and material feel. I think the reading experience is more focused with the analogue book, compared to reading on, for example, a tablet where miscellaneous notifications might be a distraction. Whether the book’s status is threatened can be debated, but several of its features are so far unique and should therefore be considered and remembered in the future.  

In my project I want to highlight the value of the analogue book by working with book design and focusing on it’s cover and materiality, this in the form of graphic design of a number of fictional titles. The project has been a search for the form that harmonizes with- and packages the story, as well as to set the form suitable to the mood that the book gives the reader.