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BFA Textile-Body-Space

Maja Nederman

After the Storm – Environmental art in a textile practice

This project is an exploration of the Swedish landscape and the potential to create art within it. After the Storm consists of several transient land art installations made from materials foraged from the surrounding area. The process was about establishing a deeper connection between the artwork and the space around it. The title After the Storm comes from the literal storm that affected the west coast in February as well as the larger metaphorical storm that has affected us all throughout the spring. It means that something good can come from the chaos and that after the storm, the sun will shine again.

When we look closer at the world around us, there is so much art and beauty that we tend to overlook. There is so much that seems ordinary but can be reexamined to mean so much more. We can reinterpret what different aspects of nature represent and we have the capacity to explore those possibilities. This can be done by reorganizing that which has grown and settled organically or by placing something foreign into the environment and seeing how the land responds. It is about developing a dialogue with one’s surroundings. By observing and responding to that which the environment presents, one can continue to readjust and reimagine what is possible. This is an exploration of the concept of environmental art and how it can make a positive impact on a space.