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BFA Design

Maja Rödström

Building blocks 

With furniture production placed as far away from our consciousness as possible, maybe our way of consuming furniture as if they were disposable isn’t so unexpected. But what if you get to create a piece of furniture for yourself, could that change your mindset and consumption patterns? 

In my project I wanted to look into if the connection to the objects you surround yourself with could change if you got to design a piece of furniture for your own home. If you are given the opportunity to shape an object, instead of settling for what’s offered at the furniture warehouse, could that make you consume less casually? Could it make you pickier? 

I invited three friends to each build a piece of furniture. As it might not be the easiest thing to take on, I wanted to offer them a ready-made material. Both as a guarantee that their piece would turn out “neat” and “proper”, and as a tool for them not to feel hindered by the obstacle that a clean slate can be at times. So, I let them make furniture out of building blocks