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BFA Design

Maria Helena Norén

The Non-anonymous Society 

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new technology with many potential uses. One of them is surveillance. This is most evident in China where many companies are working to develop AI technology for public surveillance. But China is not the only place where these possibilities are being explored. One can consider that this is not only something negative, and that there are many positive applications of this. But the question is what happens when technology falls into the hands of those with selfish desires and a longing for power. When artificial intelligence is used against, rather than for, the public. 

With this as a starting point, I have created a digital exhibition platform called The Non-anonymous Autonomous Society ( The central part of the exhibition consists of five pieces I have designed. These raise different arguments as to why we as individuals and society should be vigilant about how AI is implemented for surveillance purposes. The exhibition platform also contains links to a selection of the sources from which I have obtained information and inspiration, as well as an exhibition room where the visitor can build their own digital exhibition.