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BFA Photography

Marie Flarup Kristensen

A god, a song, a membrane

Music video, 4 minutes, 50 seconds, text, digital photo, 3 looping videos (foam rubber & gouache) 

A big warm thank you to Frederikke Krebs Bahn, for composing the music & to Leo Larsson for filming. And thanks to all ghosts both dead and alive.  

She lies on the grave of virginity, singing about how everything has changed since it was buried deep under. 

This artist is a terrible actress. She uses her body and childlike voice in a never-ending play, nourished from the ideas of social constructions in everyday society. In this work she sings about the concept of virginity. There is an enduring idea that virginity is a bodily state. That it is a physical thing, and that the body changes when virginity is lost. But virginity is conceptual, it is a social construction. Society created it, gendered it, and assigned it with moral value.