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BFA Fine Art

Oscar Häggström

The drama of fake girl (and scene)

Videoinstallation, Animation, Sound,  Wood, Electronic, Plastic

A young girl sits alone in a cafe. Her phone rings. She answers and the one who talks, a parent, she lies to.

I was sitting in the cafe, witnessing this a few years ago and even though it was quite banal, which teenager doesn’t lie to their parents? it affected me.

Because I also lied and was ashamed in front of my parents and my friends when I was little. I still do.

Because what role should I play? Which facade should I show?

My work: The drama of fake girl (and scene) is about facades, the ones you build against other people, and yourself. Measures that are nothing but constructions and how you use them to edit yourself in a public / private sphere.

In this project I have tried to shape this situation and  underlying constructions through animation, film, sound and objects in a fragmented narrative on projections and screens.