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MFA Design

Rebecca Larsson

Gräsvandring (Grass Wander) 

You enter the story at a lawn. This familiar but ambiguous part of urban nature is the focal point in Gräsvandring, an ongoing narrative excursion moving between fiction and reality.   

On of the starting points for the project is the notion of plant blindness, a theory that describes the growing disability of people in the modern world to perceive or to fully notice plants in their daily lives. This distance also affects the ability to connect to wider issues and complex systems. The lawn appears as the most evident example of domesticated nature, a green backdrop created for function and recreation. But it also holds stories of delimited life and paradoxical feelings of control and care.  

Through an essayistic approach the lawn is explored from different perspectives where the idea of distance in one moment is intensified and exaggerated, while in the next moment replaced by extreme closeness. Gräsvandring builds a framework of possible formats where the story is treated as process rather than product. Text is combined with patterns of movement and material in a physical encounter with the lawn. In a situation where perspectives shift and a kind of confusion is allowed, even the most ordinary can bring out new associations and a different form of attention.

In the project’s initial stages an audio walk takes place at a chosen public lawn in Gothenburg where a number of participants shares a story as observers, listeners and wanderers.