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Teacher Education Visual Art

Sanna Alevång


In my masters thesis I have explored the concept of the aesthetic learning process. The aim was to gain a deeper understanding of how I as a teacher can work with the concept in my future practice as a a visual arts teacher. I started by thinking about how my understanding of the concept started to develop, taking the concept apart and examining it from different perspectives and with the help of different theories and understanding, to create an independent understanding. This in particular was important: taking apart, piecing together, understanding the separate parts as a way to gain understanding of the whole, and vice versa. Because of this, I started to experiment with something we can call analogue double exposures. I worked with print outs on transparent paper in piles, which were later placed on a light box to create a kind of double/triple/quadruple/quintuple-exposure. It is possible to sense what the images represent, but not entirely. This ambiguity relates to both the uncertainty that surrounds aesthetic learning processes, the complexity in the concept, but also an acceptance towards the thought that possibly, the concept cannot, or should not, be clearly defined.