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MFA Photography

Stefano Conti

He Found An Old Blue Ocean

Year: 2020
Materials: Inkjet Prints, four-channel video (5 minutes, 27 seconds)

By intertwining his own photographs of fossils with found video footage from YouTube, Conti creates a narrative that revolves around the orogenesis process which formed the Alps. For hundreds of millions of years, these mountains have been overwhelmed by water. They werethe seabed of the ocean Tethys which, extinguishing, left behind fossils of fish and corals. Nowadays, they are still present on the Alps surfaces constituting an undoubted proof of the process.

By employing this small window on the alpine history as a starting point, he investigates the relationship amongst images, the notion of truth, and how they can be used to create evidence of facts. Grounded in epistemological theories, he questions the contemporary problems of image dematerialization in the ether and how societies trust the knowledge that these images convey.

Being conceived as an installation work, for this online presentation he is presenting a selection of images from the project, an excerpt from the video, and a possible installation display for a gallery space.