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BFA Textile Art

Vera Asptjärn

Home alone

The home is often expected to be a representation of the persons who inhabit it. Which makes pictures of our homes, oddly intimate. That makes it a good place to project hopes and dreams.

But the opposite could also be true, a home with empty walls and dying plants rapidly transforms itself  into a place that represents personal failure and lack of control. What is a home when you don’t really feel at home in it? II’m interested in the home as a place for storytelling. And in this piece more specifically: the home as a place of loneliness. With references from art history I’ve tried to portrait the home or more specific, the image of the home, as it really feels: beautiful, confined and lonely. External circumstances made me take the work home with me, the work took over, and the question is how much the two really differ.

Floor, 1.5 x 1.2 m: Patchwork made of machine-knitted material, and cotton fabric dyed with flour reservage print.
Chair: Machine-knitted fabric and painted dish cloth.
Table: Knitted material, wood and plexiglass.
Wall 2×1.5m:
Green wallpaper: Cotton fabric painted with acrylic paint.
Pink wallpaper: Transfer print on digitally printed fabric.
Blue wallpaper, lower: Machine-knit application on ready-made fabric.
Blue wallpaper, upper: Digital printed fabric, painted details and plastic film.
Red moldings: Styrofoam.