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MFA Furniture Design

Yun-Chih, Chen


This project stems from my uncertainty about nationality and culture to the process of reinforcing cultural identity.

Reinforcing my cultural identity through furniture design process, with the method of combining Taiwanese calligraphy and furniture design to demonstrate the calligraphy strokes’ movement by furniture- using experience.

In terms of history having experienced the alternation of times, Taiwan has absorbed the culture of various periods. Originating from Chinese culture, Taiwan has adopted the Japanese education system, as well as politically democratic values of western societies. In the past hundred years, Taiwanese culture has developed a culture that is different from China. A distinguished difference was the time China switch to the simplified Chinese and yet Taiwan remainedwith the traditional ones. I am deeply proud of Taiwan for using traditional Chinese characters. As one of the few countries that use traditional Chinese characters, which I consider is a strong part of Taiwanese cultural identity.

The ancient calligraphy was developed from the oracle bone script categorized pictogram. Taking the aspect of the pictographic character to transform it structurally to a daily object. To demonstrate the idea of strokes, the objects encourage the user to experience the calligraphy in the platform of furniture.

Based on the design value of Scandinavia, exploring my own cultural identity and applying it to daily objects is the direction of this project. From Swedish furniture design, accurate and exquisite observation of how the human body interacts with furniture is the inspiration of this project. This project aims to combine my strong cultural experience with the Nordic design value to demonstrate the movement of strokes in calligraphy.

Instagram: @zxc830222