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Gloria López Cleries

[ASMR] Reading You to Sleep. Soft Spoken Relaxation about Pathologies of Capitalism

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

In collaboration with Aino ASMR (Sweden), Ailén Lucia ASMR (Spain), Abi ASMR (Argentina) and easyASMR (Slovakia), 
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish.
2019 – present 

This artistic project is a collaboration with members of the ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) therapeutic online culture. This viral social media trend has become a collective, altruistic response to help people with insomnia, depression and anxiety, common symptoms and pathologies associated with the demands of our accelerated present. 

The project invites the viewer to experience a critical reading of the increase of individual therapeutic solutions through soft whispering and relaxing sounds. 

ASMR: Reading You To Sleep explores how a critical narrative can be shared in the same media. I am interested in the sensorial experience of the satisfying ASMR videos, the desire to feel beyond the screens and the relation between bodies and devices. The online display offers the opportunity to analyse its own natural environment in the digital realm. Its subversive potential lies in this destabilization of reality, insisting on the estrangement, and transforming the critical engagement into a physical/ sensorial experience through ASMR and its millennial culture.  


ACT 1: Sleep-mode. The insomniac spectator in the attention economy. 
In collaboration with Aino ASMR (Sweden)
Swedish, subtitles in English
Time duration: 00:11:35 


ACT 2You are your own biggest project. The creative and happy entrepreneur
In collaboration with Ailen Lucia ASMR (Spain)
Spanish, subtitles in English
Time duration: 00:18:02 


ACT 3: Taking care of you. Affective Capitalism (Mi amiga intergalactica te maquilla)
In collaboration with Abi ASMR (Argentina)
Spanish, subtitles in English
Time duration: 00:16:53 


ACT 4: Don’t forget to subscribe! Affective Networks and the monetisation of emotions
In collaboration with easy ASMR (Slovakia)
Time duration: 00:15:00