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Helene Rydén

Tre uppgifter/Three assignments 

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

What is it that makes students want to participate, or not, in art? How do we, as teachers, discover how to inspire and enable students to feel the joy of creating art? 

During my recent teacher-student praxis, I observed how students claimed an inability to draw and showed a reluctance to create in situations they felt inadequate to perform. 

In my thesis ”Det vita pappret”, the notion behind upper-secondary school students capability to create in the visual arts is explored through methods of arts-based researchThe artistic inquiry resulted in three arts assignments, composed by me, and tried by me and four others in a ”creative environment” workshop.  

If you want to try out the assignments (in swedish), download the pdf:s! ”Three assignemnts” is the zine itself, ”Zine manual” is how you fold the zine, once you have printed the assignments zine (on A3 paper).



Heleneryden_zinemanual (pdf)

Heleneryden_threezine (pdf)