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Master Textil-Kropp-Rum

Linus Brodén

Blank! A four-season wardrobe prototype collection  

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

This work explores set-making on the basis of making directly in the final material as design method to create new perspectives on clothes and dressmaking. 

Blank! Is a collection of white sets. Each set is the result of a direct interaction with the final material. One material, two garments. In this process I have not made a distinction between final product and prototype. They are the same. Equal. 

Perfection. Imperfection. Finished. Unfinished. Ready-to-wear. To exist. To perform.  

Not all fibers are white like the cotton when they are picked. But still I feel that the white textile represents a sort of rawness. A feeling of being unrefined. But also, pure. Essence. The unpainted canvas. The unstained cloth. The virgin mind. 

Hopefully this work will evoke questions about how we think of and value clothes.

Instagram: @lussekoftan #wackstahstudios