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Ämneslärare Bild

Malin Ahlin

Identitet och normkritik – en studie om självporträttuppgiftens möjligheter i bildundervisningen

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

The purpose of my essay was to gain an increased understanding of how self-portraiture in visual art education can be a part of students creation of identity. The study also aimed to increase the understanding of how self-portrait assignments could be a part of the school’s norm-critical work. The main methodology that is used in this study is a/r/tography but it includes several methods, these are: literature study, autoethnography and art-based research.

As a part of the art-based research, self-portraits was made to investigate the research questions. The results indicates that the process of making self-portraits can deepen the understanding of students own identity. The results also shows that self-portrait assignments have potential to raise awareness to norms and privileges, but it is only possible if the students are educated in norm-critical thinking and analysis. Furthermore, the results also indicates that presenting self-portraits can be sensitive for students. In this study, I discovered ways that can help students create self-portraits despite the sensitive nature of self-portraiture. By using alternative self-portraits, students can create a comfortable distance from what feels private to them.In addition, by using symbols in self-portraits students can take control of how much they want to share with others.

The self-portraits are presented through a film, in which I connect the self-portraits to the process in which the self-portraits came from. The self-portraits is shown based on the order they were created and the place they were created, which is my home. I find it most appropriate to present the self-portraits there since my home can also be seen as a further self-portrait.