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Master Design

Marie Herzog

I Usually Don’t Draw Like This

Denna text finns bara på engelska

This project aims to explore and expose hidden structures in illustrated storytelling. With a postmodern approach to the subject I have mediated and artistically explored different strategies within the field and formed my findings into the publication I Usually Don’t Draw Like This. The publication is divided into two parts where part one explores the topic through illustrated storytelling and part two examines the underlying structures and visual tactics behind the narratives.

We should work for a rich visual culture and a diversity within storytelling. Norms in western storytelling tradition, such as linear narrative structures, linear perspective, and individual narrator’s voice, are not necessarily problematic, but they are limited. This project makes these norms visible and work with them by allowing linear and non-linear narrative structures to merge. In order for the structural process that goes into illustrated storytelling to evolve, we need a terminology and an understanding of these subjects to helps us talk about strategies such as dramaturgy, design choices and storytelling techniques.