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We are pleased to present the exam work from the BFA Program in Metal Art from HDK-Valand at Steneby. Exam semester 2020 has been a strange semester indeed due to the covid-19 related social distancing and the loss of workshop access. We are very proud of our graduate class that managed to create fantastic exam pieces in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles the Bachelor program in MetalArt offers an in-depth investigation within the field of Metal based Arts and Crafts. The program is a project-based education that allows students to investigate, explore and develop their ideas and how to create. The time spent here, allows for the interplay of mind and hand which leads to a profound and deep understanding of their artistic identity. An understanding of material qualities, and how to express values and ideas. But even more this is a time to investigate and understand their own role within our society and how to apply their creative competence to create something of relevance. Our students graduate not just with their personal artistic identity but also with the ability to learn and think through their hands. With craft skills that will continuously open new doors for them to investigate. The exam exhibition showcases our graduate’s artistic sensibility and control over their chosen material. 

We wish to extend our sincere congratulations to them

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We are pleased to present the exam work from the Master Program in Applied Art and Design from HDK-Valand Steneby.  The Master Program is composed of three specializations: Metal Art, Textile-Body-Space and Wood Oriented Furniture Design.  

The work represents the culmination of two years of investigation and is the result of the students’ individual inquiries into a range of explorations. The students represented in this exhibition come from diverse cultural and aesthetic backgrounds and bring an equally broad range of questions to their work.  We see inquiries related to materiality, process, form, behavior and perception. We see questions related to how to and what if.  We are asked and challenged in our perception and experiences of objects and ideas. We are presented with where they are now in their investigations.  We wish to extend our sincere congratulations to them! 

Jeff Kaller, programansvarig – Tillämpad konst och formgivning 

Läs mer om masterprogram i Tillämpad konst och formgivning, Metallgestaltning:–och-magisterprogram/master-metallgestaltning-120hp

Steneby Tillämpad konst och formgivnings digitala examensutstä

Johannes Postlmayr

Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Silvia Corti

Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Moe Omari

Master Metallgestaltning

Carina Fogde

Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Johanna Gustafsson

Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Daniel Freyne

Kandidat Metallgestaltning

Arttu Halkosaari

Kandidat Metallgestaltning