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Kandidat Design

Milma Loeskow

Building Relatability

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

A while back a personal experience made me reflect, how do we create and anchor messages in health care? Along the lines with this subject I came across an article from 2015 recounting the serious differences in pediatric dental health in the city of Gothenburg. According to statistics from the municipal social administration the percentage of children with cavities at the age of six varies up to fifty percent between the city districts; Stora Askim fourteen percent while the corresponding number is sixty-four percent in Bergsjön.

While there are several reasons to the differing numbers and therefore several ways to treat them, from a design perspective rooms and the objects they hold have transformational power through the frames and incentives we construct. What incentives can we create in rooms of care? How can we use design to strengthen relationships and what is the significance of relatability and interplay in this process?

Building Relatability refers to conscious construction instead of a fleeting perception of something being merely relatable. Relatability, a noun, a core element in the same way air or clay, can be felt, seen and moulded. It is as much about the design process, going in depth — listening, as it is about having the right goals and reasons for doing what you are doing. Only by understanding the person who will benefit from your work can you create an environment of recognition.