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Master Film

Natacha April Souyris

EN FAMILIE / Layers of Skin 

Text om denna produktion finns endast på engelska

Randomly placed in between two millenniums, in the suburbs of Copenhagen, the Hertz family is walking, eating, playing, celebrating together. Building up something to love and cherish. Mr. Silan Hertz is documenting the highlights of everyday life with his DV. camera. Gradually the viewer gets access to the youngest daughter´s gaze, as she is witnessing something of still unknown nature. How do we express what we don’t have the words to express?

 Natacha April Souyris (b.1991) is a French/Norwegian film based artist. Her work is influenced by her studies in documentary film, physical-acting and filosofi. Human behaviour, dysfunction, phenomenology, choreography, and the porosity of memories are key notions in her practice. She today lives in between Norway and Copenhagen.  


NatachaAprilSouyris_STATEMENT (pdf)

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