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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Oscar Malmberg

Capturing Colours From The Sky 

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

The focus of this design project has to do with the relation and transition between artificial and natural light. Light has a huge impact on all living organisms and gives us a rhythm in our daily lifes. It gives us warmth and care and helps us to communicate under the same sun.  Simple things like capturing a moment with a camera and sharing it with others through a field of colour and shade. A mutual understanding of quality in light is the very sun that our eyes have developed and adapted to. I have worked with reflected light colour since I believe that this specific quality of light share a strong resemblance with the natural light that enters our windows and homes. The imprint on the wall is where the light stops, before being scattered into a million pieces and into your very eyes. I have built my own light fixtures to be able to extract reflected light color from metal plates. This light replicating process has enabled the opportunity to compare fields of natural and artificial light at a given point in time. Time being, Aluminum – Daylight, Brass – Evening light and Copper – Late evening light. A solar project based upon traces of knowledge dating back to the very matter upon which the project consist of. From a room within the room to the architecture that shaped our understanding of light in space. I say thank you.