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Kandidat Möbeldesign

Oskar Gustafsson

Together with wood

Text om detta projekt finns bara på engelska

Together with wood is an artistic material investigation in green wood and can be seen as a basic research, in which I try to find a way to investigate the material and search for different ways of communicating a social issue through a material. 

I have been searching for the unique qualities and values in wood that display its origin and the relationship that we as humans have with it. This has been done in a “make and reflect” process where I have been sketching directly in the material and let the outcome of my last experiments lead the way forward into the next one. I have been working with material from a big ash that blew over in a storm just outside of my house. It was then about 160 years old, and standing next to Dalslands kanal, it had as a young tree overlooked the building of the channel and the first steam boats going through the locks. It got to see the palmy days of the paper factory on the other side of the channel, and saw the closing of the same just a few years before it blew over. The investigation is presented with a serie of objects in which I attempt to tell the story of a tree and express an alternative way in how we could relate to wood as a material coming from growing organisms. In an attempt to show the connection between wood, trees and us I hope to raise questions around how we use and treat the material and in the long run increase the respect for wood, trees and nature itself.