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Master Smyckekonst

Oskar Summerton

Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

My work is focused on making tools out of recycled materials and sharing the knowledge of how to use the tools with people who have little to no prior experience of metal crafts. I am making tools by hand to be used by other people’s hands with the hope of inspiring more people to embrace making by hand. We live in a world where so much is being made by machines, to an extent that it feels like people do not know how things can be made using your hands and hand tools. 

When you design an object and a machine produces it you are dependent on the function of the machine, but when you make it by hand the result is something that is undeniably made by you, no one else. This sense of empowerment is something I want to share with other people through my work and with participatory workshops. 

Oskar Dominic Summerton Degree Report Revised 2020 (pdf)