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Master Smyckekonst

Ruth Gilmour


Text om detta projekt finns endast på engelska

My assemblages of things made of hand-built porcelain and digitally printed silk, are created and then positioned to encourage sensitivity. Forming linkages between my body, material and language I use craft as a tool to process my fragile existence in our bruised and tangled world. Employing de/constructive material practices, language and digital recordings, I render the feeling of carrying – or being carried by – an unbalanced body. In/organic, both porcelain and silk are presumed precious for their delicacy whilst actually being tenacious. Haptic engagements – made detailed and intimate – extend my connection to materials and produce new understandings of vulnerability; helping me to then locate, grasp and install stability. I digest the writing practices of biopolitical, feminist and scientific theorists to find speculative readings of my craft. This mode of working causes my materials to perform as dynamic mediators. Un/knowing conditions of materiality, I establish a reflexive mode between subject/object to investigate potentials of restructuring the body by augmenting it with ethical substance. I am using my craft practice to learn how to care for matter. In resistance towards the disruptive dichotomies writing our world, I work to encourage a multitude of relations between things; softening knowledge around the non/human and in/visible matters.