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Kandidat Keramikkonst

Victor Jakobsson

WHAT (are) WE (are) MADE (of)

Text om detta projekt finns bara på engelska

In my work I looked through my own creative expression to about a year back, and picked out what I felt were the most relevant, important and present elements.

These elements came to be: words, color, heaviness and simplicity.

In my process I worked myself closer and closer to how I define these words in my artistic approach. What they mean to me and what they mean to me in my art, and tried to put together a piece that included those 4 words.

I got this visual idea of skeletons lying in a circle, surrounding a bright and colorful text.

I have worked a lot with a sort of happy-morbidness before. A happy exterior with darker or heavier meaning in the bigger picture of the work.

Words are to be played with, to create humor or imply melancholy/seriousness.

Color puts a jolly, happy expression that is fun to look at for your eyes, also delivering a sort of simplicity.

Heaviness comes through in the subjects I load the piece with. Using skeletons comes with a lot of big thoughts and references. The text I chose for this piece feels very big and melancholic.

Simplicity I define as something that is easy to take in, or that feels available to many, perhaps through the visual expression. Using bright colors, sculpting objects you know of (skeletons), basic shapes, likes a circle.